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 Post subject: Shadowrun D1000
PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:00 am 

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Okay, here is some kind of crazy idea I had when thinking of what I liked the most in shadowrun 3 mechanics. I really enjoy the fact that making a TN higher generates 25% less success on average. I think this is essentially what makes me feel the game is "realist"…

Then my problem was how to get rid of the fact that 25% is just "average", i.e. getting rid of the 5-6-7 oddity. I currently use Eyeless blond (I think it's hers) system of 5/6+4 but still, there's now a 4-5-6 (less severe) oddity.

Finally, I read some thread (in here or on dumpshock) about someone who actually calculated the odds of success for every tests, putting them in a TN vs Dice Pool table, and determining success with some D100 or D1000. One would look for his results in the chart, knowing if he achieved it or not…

And here is my thought : What if, instead of calculating the odds for success of beating a single TN with odds going like exploding D6s successes, the odds would be going like powers of 0.75 (being below equal success), dice pool becoming just a number of tries.

Problem is, in shadowrun, we have 3 dimensions : TN, pool, and number of success. The best way to represent this would certainly be having one table by pool, giving odds of number of successes vs TN. This would be painful to use I'm afraid.

Another option would be to get read of the number of success dimension. I could see renaming it "accomplishment" or whatever, and being based on a number of step you could take running the table in a given behaviour before finding a number inferior to you dice score. For example in my table (which represent basically the odds of one success), say I want to beat TN10 with 10 dice (odds are 541/1000 for one success). Let's say I get 125 on my D1000 : I would try to go two cases down and one case left (TN12, 9 dice, odds 321), which I beat. Further more (TN14, 8 dices, odds 175), to stop at (TN16, 7 dice, odds 90). I could take here 3 steps, getting an accomplishment of 3 successes.

Truely, this would change the odds of multiple successes, but might make the game easier to play.

This post was juste to expose this idea that came to me, and I don't plan to implement it in the near future to play shadowrun. I just wanted to share it, and gets some advice on it :

- Do you like this system ?
- Would you play with it for a RPG ?
- Would you use it in shadowrun ? Do you think it can be made better to be used with the game ?

 Post subject: Re: Shadowrun D1000
PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:20 am 
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freudqo wrote:
I currently use Eyeless blond (I think it's hers)

His, actually.

I'd need to write down the math and play with it for a while to be sure, but my initial reaction is negative—requiring lookup in tables for basically all tests and needing four differentiated d10s to play without computer assistance seems cumbersome. I'm dubious.


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